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MacDonald Fencing & Sons provide a comprehensive Tree Protection during construction service. We provide full metal scaffolds (with harris fence fixtures) around any size development site during construction and on-site renovation, ensuring the trees are safely protected to the clients' specification.

Construction site fencing for tree protection

As outlined in the British Standard document BS 5837 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction (as reviewed and updated in April 2012), it is now a legal requirement for trees to have the correct protection during on-site renovations and domestic work.

In addition, proper fencing can protect the tree (including the roots, bark, tissue and surrounding soil) from damage or contamination during construction work. By keeping the trees safe, you ensure they will look just as impressive as the rest of your property once the renovations are complete.

Tree protection during construction is important to help avoid damage to your trees during renovations, including:

  • damage to bark and wood tissue
  • roots crushed or chopped by vehicles and work equipment
  • broken branches
  • bad or unsightly pruning
  • fire damage
  • poisoning of roots
  • changes in soil levels around trees resulting in root death
  • installation of impermeable surfaces
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