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MacDonald Fencing & Sons Ltd supply and install Jakoustic timber environmental noise barriers and acoustic noise cancellation fencing.

A solution to noise pollution with residential, commercial, industrial, railway and highway applications. Acoustic noise cancellation fencing can reduce noise levels by up to 32 decibels in laboratory conditions, while maintaining an attractive and natural façade.

MacDonald Fencing & Sons Ltd. specialise in providing a personalised service, if you are interested in acoustic noise cancellation fencing or another fencing solution to suit your needs, please contact us.


We understand that your property is a big investment and we want our customers to know that we are here to help and advise them on the best and most economical way to fit their acoustic noise cancellation fencing. At MacDonald Fencing & Son Ltd we specialise in providing a personalised service. Interested in using acoustic noise cancellation fencing for your next domestic or commercial project?


Alex of Cobham was very pleased with his new Acoustic Fence. Living near to a busy road meant constant noise from the traffic. A sound engineer tested the incoming noise both before and after the installation – after the acoustic fence was installed this was decreased by a whopping 18 decibels!

acoustic fencing

Acoustic noise cancellation fencing

Acoustic fencing


Key Benefits

Acoustic fencing is the best solution if your property is on a busy road.

  Reducing noise levels up to 30 decibels
 Installed with timber posts
 Installed with either timber or concrete gravelboards
 We clean up as we go leaving a nice tidy garden

MacDonald Fencing & Sons have over 25 years of experience in all types of fencing and our customer focused approach makes us the best fencing company in Surrey. Our second-to-none quality of service we provide ensures perfect results, every time.
MacDonald Fencing & Sons can also provide panels, post & railstorm and weather repair and dog and animal proofing.
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