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If you are in need of fence repair after suffering storm damage, MacDonald Fencing & Sons can help.

We can set up and restore fencework broken by wind, rain and storm damage quickly and professionally. From a single post or panel up to a complete boundary fencing restoration, MacDonald fencing provide a rapid, worry-free response.

If you don't want to deal with the hassle of fixing your fence posts and panels yourself, or need a full fence repair / replacement and are facing the prospect of buying the materials and tools yourself, MacDonald & Sons Fencing Contractors can provide a faster, effective and cheaper alternative. Our fencing services (also including animal proofing, palisade fencing, and bespoke landscaping services) operate throughout Cobham, Surrey and South-east England.

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In the colder winter months, wind and rain can cause terrible damage to your fences and garden. Broken posts or panels can ruin a perfect garden view. MacDonald & Sons Fencing ltd provide an effective, professional fencing service - but here are some tips to ensure you keep on top of your fences all year round.

How do I keep my fence in good repair?

  • Give your fences a health check once a year - is there noticeable rotting or damage to the panels, posts, or structure?
  • Treat the wood with a suitable timber care product - contact us for more information or supplies
  • Be aware of the weather - Keep an eye out for bad storms approaching your area and be sure to check your fences. Take steps to structurally reinforce them until the storm passes, if necessary.
Close Board Fencing
Close Board Fencing
Golden Lap Panels
Golden Lap Panels


MacDonald Fencing & Sons Ltd. specialise in providing a personalised service – if you are interested in any of the hoarding examples above, or in another fencing solution to suit your needs, please contact us or Call us on: 01932 863435


Key Benefits

Panel fencing is still one of the most economical and common fences.

  Border your property with good quality fencing
 Installed with timber or concrete posts
 Installed with either timber or concrete gravelboards
 We clean up as we go leaving a nice tidy garden

MacDonald Fencing & Sons have over 25 years of experience in all types of fencing and our customer focused approach makes us the best fencing company in Surrey. Our second-to-none quality of service we provide ensures perfect results, every time.
MacDonald Fencing & Sons can also provide panels, post & railstorm and weather repair and dog and animal proofing.
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