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If you're in need of construction hoarding for your building or demolition project in Surrey or West London, MacDonald Fencing & Sons is here to assist. With over 30 years of expertise in construction, and a comprehensive understanding of building site security and safety, MacDonald Fencing & Sons can ensure the protection of your site.

Given the potential risks to public safety and the increasing threat of equipment theft in Surrey and the Surrounding areas, it's imperative not to leave anything to chance. Construction Site Fencing must be robust enough to deter intruders, with a minimum height of 2 meters, and sturdy construction to withstand any attempts at breaching. Trust the professionals to safeguard your site effectively.

Why Choose Construction Site Hoarding?

All construction sites are mandated to have a safe and secure protective boundary to prevent unauthorised access. This boundary serves several crucial purposes:

  • Preventing potential injury to the general public
  • Deterrence against theft of valuable construction equipment and tools
  • Mitigating trespassing incidents
  • Ensuring compliance with The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)
  • Containing dust and debris to protect the environment
  • Minimising noise pollution for local residents
  • Preventing damage to surroundings and vehicles from falling structures
  • Restricting access for animals, preventing them from entering dangerous areas

Understanding Construction Site Hoarding Regulations in the UK

Under The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974), employers are obligated to protect the public passing by construction sites. Conducting a thorough health and safety risk assessment is essential to identify potential risks and liabilities unless the site remains safe and secure at all times.

Benefits of Construction Site Hoarding

Construction site hoarding offers numerous benefits for both construction companies and the public, ranging from aesthetic enhancements to public safety and marketing opportunities. It helps delineate construction sites from public spaces, reduces noise pollution, and enhances security for expensive equipment.

Types of Construction Site Hoarding Panels

Various types of construction site hoarding panels are available to meet specific project requirements:

  • Steel fencing, timber hoarding, and concrete fencing
  • Dug-in foundations for stability in adverse weather conditions
  • Freestanding structures
  • Water-filled hoarding for sites where digging isn't feasible

As with all of our site hoardings, we:

  • perform a full site survey
  • paint the hoarding to your required colours and finish
  • provide a full set of drawings if required
  • instruct and send you a structural engineers report for crowd and wind loads.

Construction site hoarding regulations in the UK are stringent. Most building sites require a minimum fence or security hoarding height of 2 meters (6.5 feet), rising to 2.4 meters (7.8 feet) for projects in towns and cities to prevent unauthorized access, especially by children.

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Whether your construction project is commencing imminently or in the near future, MacDonald Fencing & Sons can assist you with your site hoarding requirements. Our extensive knowledge of hoarding means we can tackle any job small or large.

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Key Benefits

Most construction sites require site Hoarding and with over 25 Years experience, Macdonald Fencing and Sons are your ideal choice. We also believe the plain site hoarding is a waste of advertising space, so why not add a design about the construction or just branding. From start to finish we can visit your site and advise on the options available to you to meet your budget and timescales.

  Border your construction site with good quality hoarding.
 Create an eye catching design.
 Help secure you site from unwanted intruders.
 We offer a one stop shop for all your Site Hoarding requirements.

MacDonald Fencing & Sons have over 30 years of experience in all types of construction site hoarding and our customer focused approach makes us the best hoarding company in Surrey. Our second-to-none quality of service we provide ensures perfect results, every time.
MacDonald Fencing & Sons provide a comprehensive Tree Protection during construction service. We provide full metal scaffolds (with harris fence fixtures) around any size development site during construction and on-site renovation, ensuring the trees are safely protected to the clients’ specification.
MacDonald Fencing & Sons can also provide panels, post & railstorm and weather repair and dog and animal proofing.
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