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Panel Fencing for the home

Panel fencing - one of the most straightforward fencing options available, and yet choosing the right option to suit your project can be daunting!

MacDonald and Sons have been working with fencing for decades. Panels are one of our favourites for the home garden - simple, secure, and available in all kinds of decorative styles. We can supply the materials and the right tools for the job, and get it done fast, with a smile. (After all, we've had over twenty years' practice.) From our base in Cobham we service all of Surrey and beyond - Sussex and Greater London.


We understand that your property is a big investment and we want our customers to know that we are here to help and advise them on the best and most economical way to fit their Panel fencing. At MacDonald Fencing & Son Ltd specialise in providing a personalised service.

Tongue and Groove fencing



Key Benefits

Probably the most cost effective way to border your garden and property.

Border your property with good quality & affordable fencing.
Installed with timber or concrete posts
Installed with either timber or concrete gravelboards
 We clean up as we go leaving a nice tidy garden

MacDonald Fencing & Sons have over 30 years of experience in all types of fencing and our customer focused approach makes us the best fencing company in Surrey. Our second-to-none quality of service we provide ensures perfect results, every time.
MacDonald Fencing & Sons can also provide panels, post & railstorm and weather repair and dog and animal proofing.
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